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Optimize Your Website

Now it comes the days of sleepless nights for you to do the most amount of work for the least initial return, that will be slow , steady and painful process which makes secrets of your successful website. Let's call it "Search Engine Optimization".

So, before it's being crawled and indexed by search engines; You must have to describe your site's contents so as your visitors and search engine bots easily understand what contents are likely to be found in your webpage.

A. Webpage Title

Because in most cases, the first part to be displayed on SERPs, especially Google Search is the Title of a webpage.
So you have to write a unique, descriptive, easy to understand, shor and clear but not generic one. Titles like "Home" is not descriptive for your home page, Let it be like " Optimize your Website" would be better.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />
<title>Optimize your Website</title>


Avoid repeating the same title to all other website pages, because it makes difficult for Users and Search engine BOTS to understand which page contains the most relevant contents to what they are searching for.

B. Page Description

The sentences which summarize the pages contents. Writting it in a good manner causes it to be used as a search result description under your page title, but only if Google and other bots thinks it will be better in doing so, otherwise the description is ignored.

So, if searchers see that the description is most related to what they are looking for, then clicking the link is not a magic.

Avoid to fill the whole description with repeated keywords or very long sentences as if you're copying the entire site's content to be a description.

According to Google's updates, 170-172 characters description is always enough (for mobiles) up to 200 on desktops.

C. Image "alt" Attribute

Writting a descriptive "alt" attribute to your images is a good behaviour, inorder to describe your images, what they are about to Search engines bots and users.
Example; If you have a page about "Bananas Farm" and you want to display a photo of bananas farm, <img src="/Images/banana.gif" alt="banana farm"/>

D.Content Creation

Create and post your unique, high quality, informative, engaging and focusing to the visitors needs instead of creating contents focused only to Search engines bots inorder to rank high. no you're going to be punished accordingly..!

Now you have already created your website and having done all the above Whitehat SEO techniques, It is the time to make it seen by people you expect.

Do not expect your website to start appearing on search Engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo instantly after you have created and optimized. Search engines are good, but they are not good as such. because the web is very big with thousands of new websites being created every minute.
So it can take several days or even months for the serch engine bots to crawl and index your website.

What to do next?

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