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Steps and standard ways to create a big and successful website


Having your own website is the best way to make yourself and your businness present in the web, Although there are other ways of making web presence including those sites that allows customers to review others businness and also social networks like Facebook , Twitter and more.

1.Determine if you Really want to make a successful website

If the answer is yes, Then having your own website will give you a full control to customize things like layout , On-page SEO and Domain names

Also it will allow you to create multiple pages as you wish, But on the other negative side is that it takes longer and sometimes difficult to setup, compared to other ways of web presence.

2. Choosing a Domain name for your Successful Website

To Start up your new website it requires you to choose an appropriate domain name (ie the unique identity for your online presence ) from Domain registering companies and then find and choose a Web Hosting Providers

Now, Because you want to build a big successful website for your businness, then the following points are the ones to consider

A. Self Explanatory

Dont just woke up at midnight and start to create a domain name that have no any relationship to your businness, because the more descriptive is your domain, the more likely people will know what your website is about.
Example: If you want to create a website for people to download Kenya music , the name like could be the best choice for you, because people will straight forward know that your website is about Kenya Music.

B. Make it Easy to Remember

You must create a domain name that is short and clear for people easily remember it. the name like is not fair rather than

C. Adaptive

Choose a domain name which will adapt to changes made to your website contents overtime.
Example: If you want to build your adaptive website about Tanzania Celebrities then, name like would be better than because the later domain name is likely to do well only in the year 2017 compared to the first one, which have any specified period of time.

3. Choosing a Hosting Provider

After you have got a domain name for your business, It is time now to get a hosting provider who will give you space in their servers to store your website's contents and make them accessible on the web.
But keep in mind that most companies offer both services ie hosting service and domain name registration, that's to say you get all of them in one place.
Apart from that, there are also free hosting companies which allows you to park your custom domain. but in all options you want, the following points are to be considered.

A. Hosting Provider Uptime

You must have to choose a hosting provider with its servers up and running almost all the time. Having a hosting provider with very low downtime will help your site visitors always see your website whenever they visit.

B. Bandwidth

You have to choose a hosting provider which will give you a wide range of bandwidth or allow unlimited access (ie your site's ability to send data to the web and how mush traffic can your website handle at the same time.

C. Customer Care

Is there any quick customer services if your website gets into problems? A good customer care from your hosting provider will make your website run smoothly as they will solve your issues very quickly.

D. Security Issues

You have to make sure that, your hosting provider sets already with safeguards to protect your website before and to get help when your website gets some external attacks.

E. Hosting Price

Like all other businness do, hosting companies have their prices for each. So it is better for you to choose a hosting company with affordable prices for your businness or website according to ho much do you want to spend for your project.

F. Uncomplicated Platform

If you are planning to do it yourself and you have no advanced setup knowledge,then it is better to choose an easy to use platform, otherwise you will need to hire an expert to do it for you that may cost more money.

G. Features for your Niche

After then you have to check if your hosting provider will have some additional features that will be required for your website niche. For example; If you are planning to build your big successful website with downloads portal; then, are they have some scripts to enable you create filelists ? or Forum scripts for your new social site? Otherwise you will have to buy those scripts from external sources.

4. Creating Contents

After you have identified your website audience (People who will be visiting your website) For example if you want to buld a website about "Maize production in Tanzania" that means that your main audience will be people from Tanzania who are interested to that topic.

So now its time for you start creating your site contents with high quality and different from other sources, explaining deeply in the Maize production in Tanzania with all expected informations your visitors will need to know like "Best maize seeds" Weather for maize production , type of fertilizers to be used and many more in that field of maize production.

In so doing, your website will be unique, valuable and useful than other informations found from other sources on the web, And hence it will make your visitors to come back to get updates and even attract new visitors.

5. Organizing Website Structure

Well organised website will have good user experiece, So please make sure that your visitors can get more informations easily from your inner pages of your site by using good Navigation bar on your Home page or placed either on headers or footers of your website's every page.
The navigation bar may contain pages like Contact us page , About Us , Terms of Use etc , and pages which are very important for your visitors.

Apart from that, referring your visitors with a set of links with informative urls is a good practice, because it will help your visitors to determine if a particular page is relevant to what they are looking for and also make Search engines easily crawl and understand well what your website is about.

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